Global accountability to prevent pandemics

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Your voice is critical. Contact your government officials to let them know that you support a global pandemic prevention treaty. Please reach out to your government officials via social media, post, and email, saying “never again” to pandemics.

You are encouraged to share the below prepared posts on your Twitter and Facebook channels to help amplify the Panel’s Call to Action across social media. Visual assets, including infographics and a series of quote graphics can be paired with the post copy to raise awareness and call on leaders to take action. To help spread the word, please share this toolkit with your networks!

Visit the Social Media Toolkit and download the materials to find out how you can use your voice to advocate for a treaty to help prevent the next pandemic.

The Pandemic Convention We Need Now

A Pandemic Convention is essential to shape the world we want. It’s dangerously overdue, and it is now urgent that Member States focus on
a new legally binding agreement that provides mutual assurance, and assistance, in a system that keeps everyone, in every income bracket, in every country, much safer from pandemic threats.